Romi's Purpose

I am Romi Chase, a singer, songwriter, plus size model, lifestyle coach and a social media star with a social media network of 2M+ fans. Being a plus size person myself always struggling to find items, whether it be clothes or accessories, that truly reflect my identity, I decided to create an All Inclusive Merch Line for all of you to enjoy regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, shape, size, height or race. Regardless of whether you are a fan of mine or not, you will find something for yourself here. And if you are a fan, there is an extensive collection of fan collectibles featuring my likeness to choose from as well.

My mission is to provide equity and equality for ALL people who make the hard choice of trying to do their best every day of their lives. I love to inspire people and help them do their best expressing it through my art: content, music and merchandise. I am a huge advocate of body positivity and positivity in general. I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to through hard work, dedication and manifestation. 

I grew up in an abusive household and used to struggle with multiple mental health conditions, such as PTSD, Chronic Depression, BPD and Anxiety. Seeking freedom and happiness, I moved to the United States from Poland with nothing to my name. It wasn't until I made a choice to strive to do better every day and free myself of the crippling fear of failure that I was able to finally start reaching my full potential and succeed at my endeavors. I am a walking, breathing example of "anything is possible if you want it bad enough". I love spreading that knowledge and motivating others to do the same. By supporting my brand, you not only support my journey as a musician, creator and a business woman but also support a company that stands for equity, equality, positivity, liberation and empowerment.